Quarter Running Socks


The 6 benefits of Holstyle Running Socks

3 Layers Graduated Fitting Band

  • Tight, but comfortable top: Our secure but comfortable top layer hem is designed to keep your quarter socks in place all day long. Rest assured, you'll get the best fit, every time.
  • Motion Control Ankle: Prevent awkward twisting material around your ankles with our carefully-structured motion-control ankle layer. Your running socks will never restrict your movement again.
  • Wide arch support: Give your feet the protection they deserve. A wide arch support layer ensures that the muscles around the arch of your foot get the extra help they need to prevent injury or sprain.

2. E-Tech Seam-Free Closure

Sick of awkward seams? Our E-Tech closure technology uses innovative engraving to hide the sewing line against the toe. The result is abrasion-free comfort all day long. With our running socks, you can finish an entire marathon without chafing.

3. Targeted Cushioning

Imagine runners socks that instantly make your shoes more comfortable. Our carefully-designed garments provide cushioning around the most sensitive parts of your foot, to relieve strain on your ligaments. Our cushioned triathlon socks not only boost the results of your workout routine, but they also reduce fatigue during recovery too.

4. High-Quality Material

Sick of stretched out socks? We created a strong and durable quarter sock designed to hold up in the toughest conditions. Just throw your used socks into the laundry basket and wash them without worry.

5. Blister Protection

Save your skin! Our forward-thinking running socks eliminate blisters thanks to a unique cushioned sole. Your run socks will protect you from painful rubbing, and even offer light shock absorption.

6. Mesh Zone Breathability

The innovative mesh zone in our socks ensure that men, women, and children alike can enjoy a breathable experience when they run. Strategically placed panels help air flow across the foot easily for excellent temperature control.

Please select the large size if your measurements are between two sizes.

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Socks Rise Style
60% Cotton, 5% Nylon, 15% Rubber, 5% Polyester, 15% Spandex
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